code – Some repositories moved to github for convenience

Repositories Migrated

Blog For convenience I've moved some of my repositories to github. The repository URLs can be found on this website whenever there is one! Read More ›

code – Hope being live in autumn!

Wetterturnier 2.0 Test Phase

Blog For those grown up in a meteorological department in Innsbruck, Vienna, Zürich, Leipzig and Berlin the Wetterturnier should be well known. It is a platform where people challenge each other doing the best possible weather forecast for the upcoming weekend! As the existing system is getting old and buggy I've designed a new system over the last years (took quite a while!). However we are in the test phase right now! Read More ›

code – Parallelization with Python

Parallelization With Python

Blog If you have a bunch of smaller jobs you have to go trough you might think of parallelization. While some software offers native parallel execution many do not. Python offers a very simple way to parallelize OpenMP jobs (no shared memory). An example. Read More ›