HCLwizard.org: New shiny application to check your images for color issues!

New Feature on HCLwizard.org!

A new feature was just released on HCLwizard.org. The HCLconverter allows to upload an existing png/jpg/jpeg image and check for possible color-blindness issues. The uploaded image will be converted to different color-blind vision. Have a look before you publish!

It was one of these raining autumn weekends where I’ve found some time to work on some fun stuff for hclwizard.org! The result is a small extension to hclwizard.org. The website now provides a second application which allows you to check your own images regarding color-blind issues.

HCLwizard Converter

The HCLwizard Converter allows you to upload a png or jpg/jpeg image and to simulate different color-blind vision including protanope vision, deuteranope vision, tritanope vision, and a monochromate version (or black and white version; for people with full color-blindness).

This allows you to check you graphs, maps, and images before you provide them to the public or submit them to a scientific journal. Just as a reminder: about ten percent of all Europeans suffer from a partial or full color-blindness, so please keep this in mind and, if required, come back and use our HCLwizard Converter to check for possible problems with the color map you’re using!

An example of a spatial map and a photo converted using the HCLwizard Converter.


This is the first release of the HCLwizard Converter and there might be some bug’s in the software. If you notice something please do not hesitate to send me a message (contact)!

Have a nice and colorful weekend!

All best, Reto