Privacy Policy

This page provides the necessary information to fulfill the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This European law regulates the disclosure and use of personally identifiable information.


This website does not use tracking cookies. However, some cookies are used to store a temporary session ID (web-analytics, see below) and created while loading google web fonts.

Some users prefer not to allow cookies at all. Most browsers give the users the ability to manage how cookies are handled. These settings allow the user to control how the browser will handle cookies (disable completely, allow/deny cookies from specific domains or websites, …). For more details please visit check the documentation of the browser you are using (e.g., google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, or microsoft internet explorer).

Web Analytics

To improve the website and for personal interest (impact of specific information published on the website) this site uses an instance of the open-source web-analytics software matomo to log visits. To protect your privacy only anonymized IP addresses are stored. The last 8 bits of the IP are removed. Beside the anonymized IP address information about the page visited (page URL and title), user language, downloaded files and other user actions are logged. For more information please visit read “What data does Matomo track?”. The anonymizied data are stored on a server in the European Union and will be kept in the database. The data are only used for personal/scientific. We ensure that the data are treated as confidential and will not be provided to external third parties.

Contact Form

The page about provides a form to send an e-mail notification. At this point we are using a third-party service ( Please note that the information you enter (including your e-mail address and message) will be transfered via the servers of To be able to provide this service stores the messages for a specific time period. Please visit for more information.

If you do not want to use this third-party service please simply use

Your Rights

You are entitled to request copies of your personal information, request that your personal data has to be corrected when incorrect or incomplete, or has to be deleted. In such cases please do not hesitate to contact us and provide enough and detailed information such that the request can be processed. Requests will be processed in within four weeks.