Downloading ERA-5 Data

Short guide how to download ECMWF ERA-5

Quite recently the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) started publishing the new ERA-5 reanalysis data set. In cooperation with the European Union (Copernicus) this data set is freely available to everyone! And even better: a nice API grants easy access to this wonderful data set. This is a brief introduction on how to access ERA-5 data Read More ›
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Python colorspace package

Now available for the python enthusiasts!

The R colorspace package exists since quite a while but was only available in R so far. This package (which is in an early beta state at the moment) provides the same features and methods as the R colorspace package in native python code. Give it a shot! Read More ›
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A Colorful NOAA/PSD Seminar Talk

The slides of todays NOAA/PSD seminar talk about how to make effective use of colors in scientific visualizations are now online. Read More ›
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NOAA/PSD Seminar Talk

The slides of the NOAA/PSD seminar talk are now available for download for those interested. The seminar talk gives/gave a short introduction to the standardized anomaly model output statistics approach and some insights of an application on high-resolution new snow amount forecasts in the Austrian Alps. Read More ›
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