A Colorful NOAA/PSD Seminar Talk

The slides of todays NOAA/PSD seminar talk about how to make effective use of colors in scientific visualizations are now online. Read More ›
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NOAA/PSD Seminar Talk

The slides of the NOAA/PSD seminar talk are now available for download for those interested. The seminar talk gives/gave a short introduction to the standardized anomaly model output statistics approach and some insights of an application on high-resolution new snow amount forecasts in the Austrian Alps. Read More ›
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A Skewed Working Paper!

Skewed logistic distribution for statistical temperature post-processing in mountainous areas

This study shows the use and benefits of having a skewed response distribution rather than a symmetric one for ensemble post-processing of near surface temperature in Central Europe. A small adjustment which can strongly improve the predictive performance in alpine areas where the current ensemble forecast systems miss some of the wintery cold pools and overadiabatic heating of the valley atmosphere. Read More ›
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Updates on GENS Visualizer Scripts

Scripts to plot GFS/GENS meteograms

There was an issue regarding the latest version of Pydap used to download the latest GFS/GENS weather forecasts via OpenDAP. I used this opportunity to fix some small things and to update the installation guidelines. Read More ›

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