software – Scripts to plot GFS/GENS meteograms

Updates on GENS Visualizer Scripts

Blog There was an issue regarding the latest version of Pydap used to download the latest GFS/GENS weather forecasts via OpenDAP. I used this opportunity to fix some small things and to update the installation guidelines. Read More ›

research – Working paper by Lisa Schlosser online

Precipitation Forecasts with Distributional Forests

Blog New working paper by my college Lisa Schlosser is online now using distributional forests for probabilistic precipitation forecasts over complex terrain. The article introduces the novel statistical method and a real-world example for Tyrol, Austria. Read More ›

research – Hourly snow forecasts over complex terrain.

New Working Paper Available Now

Blog Just in time (before all the snow melts in front of the office) the new working paper/tech report became available. The paper is about a new hybrid approach to create high-resolution forecasts of fresh snow amounts and/or snowfall over Tyrol, Austria. Read More ›

code – Short guide how to download ECMWF ERA INTERIM data

Downloading ERA INTERIM Data

Blog The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) provides some nice data sets to the public. One data set is the ERA INTERIM reanalysis data set. In combination with the ECMWF python API it is quite easy to download these data. This post gives a short introduction and an example script how specify a specific subset and download the data. Read More ›

software – Handy GFS reforecast V2 downloader (Python)

Convenient GFS Reforecast V2 Downloader

Blog I as a meteorologist am often confronted with grib files, a binary file format for gridded data (e.g., weather forecasts). I've put my R package **getgrib** online if someone needs easy access to grib1/grib2 data. The package is far away from beeing finished, however, try it out :). Read More ›