Handy GFS reforecast V2 downloader (Python)

Convenient GFS Reforecast V2 Downloader

I as a meteorologist am often confronted with grib files, a binary file format for gridded data (e.g., weather forecasts). I've put my R package **getgrib** online if someone needs easy access to grib1/grib2 data. The package is far away from beeing finished, however, try it out :).

PyGFSV2 Package in Beta

A while ago I needed some GFS reforecast V2 data for a scientific study. As I could not find a handy downloader I decided to simply write one!

For those who don’t know: the GFS reforecast V2 is a very special data set of global numerical weahter forecasts provided by the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and can be found here. The data set consists of a few terabyte of grib2 files, some more details can be found in this document.

Not to download the whole data set the PyGFSV2 package provides a bunch of (hopefully) useful settings to specify the subset needed. Check the software page for more details.

The downloader (PyGFSV2) and some more information can be found here on this website or directly at github.

As for all other scripts and packages: questions and contributions are very welcome!